University of Memphis Law School and Fourth Bluff Park Access and Improvements

Memphis, Tennessee

Ritchie Smith Associates (RSA) provided design services for renovation and connection of two historic sites further revitalizing downtown Memphis. Adjacent to the historic building adapted for the U of M Law School, a former parking lot and service area was transformed to create an urban plaza where students, faculty and the public can enjoy views of the Mississippi River. The Riverbluff Walkway, including a new overlook, was extended alongside the plaza and connected to Fourth Bluff Park across a new 200’ long pedestrian bridge. RSA collaborated with lighting designers to illuminate the bridge with dynamic light patterns and colors that are computer-driven and triggered by pedestrian movement. Fourth Bluff Park, designed by George Kessler ca. 1903, was refurbished with new lawn, shade trees, post lights, and benches, enhancing its appeal.

Award: American Society of Landscape Architects, Tennessee Chapter - Honor Award