Tennessee Downtown Streetscape Projects

West and Middle Tennessee

Ritchie Smith Associates (RSA) has designed downtown streetscape improvements for over a dozen towns in West and Middle Tennessee. As a first step, RSA helped prepare grant applications that secured TDOT funds for the projects. Subsequently, RSA served as design lead, prepared final construction documents and assisted with construction administration in collaboration with TLM Associates and other engineering partners. Each project was designed to reflect the unique identity of each town. Enhancements have included new curbs, sidewalks, crosswalks, street trees, lighting, site furnishings, and occasionally public art. In some towns, streetscape work has been complemented with a refurbished courthouse square landscape. The improvement projects in each town have resulted in a more attractive and functional downtown, compliance with ADA, and stimulation of private investment. Construction has been completed in Brownsville, Clifton, Henderson, Humboldt, Huntingdon, Lexington, Linden, Martin, Parsons, Ridgely, Selmer and Trenton. Design is in progress for others.