Mt. Magazine State Park

Logan County, Arkansas

Mt. Magazine State Park is in the Ozark National Forest at Arkansas' highest elevation - 2,753 feet. Ritchie Smith Associates' landscape designs upgraded the park first developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. In Phase I, Cameron Bluff Campground and Greenfield Picnic Area were renovated. The site of a new visitor center was enhanced with native plants, an interpretive garden, a stream, and a waterfall. In Phase II, site planning and final landscape design were prepared for a new lodge and conference facility, including a water cascade, overlook terraces, and trails connecting 14 adjacent cabins. In all work, detailing and materials were chosen for compatibility with the natural setting and continuity with historic features.

Architects: Phase I - Fennell Purifoy Architects; Phase II - Sims Grisham Blair