Lamar Park

Oxford, Mississippi

Ritchie Smith Associates (RSA) prepared a master plan for a 63-acre park located within a residential neighborhood, one mile west of the University of Mississippi. Lamar Park is the town's principal green space for passive recreation and nature study. The long-range plan incorporates elements of a botanic garden, with gardens featuring plants of the region, and a reforested former golf course. Native grass meadows are designed to contrast with lawn areas used for recreation and to reduce park maintenance. Connections from the park to the town's greenway system will be made at the north and west.

RSA completed design of the first two phases of improvements that included a new park entrance and arrival terrace, a pavilion (designed by Howorth & Associates), an overlook terrace, trails, picnic areas, sculpted landforms for play, a terraced amphitheater, planting, and site furnishings.